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Welcome to Ballymooney Foods –
Specialists for generations

About Us
Ballymooney Foods

Ballymooney Foods is a specialist meat company, where quality meets precision. We source and process top quality beef and lamb. Our client base consists of supermarkets, wholesalers and retailers nationwide and internationally. The core of our success lies in our ability to fulfil our customers’ needs with consistently superior quality. Each product is hand selected by a knowledgeable master butcher with over 30 years’ experience.

Our Aim: To exceed expectations, One cut at a time.

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At Ballymooney Foods, a wide array of superior products awaits you.

Our beef and lamb are processed at our state-of-the-art facility, ensuring top-notch quality by our highly trained experts.

Ireland being the perfect climate for free-range grazing, delivers meat with distinct health and nutritional benefits. These qualities, combined with our commitment to the highest levels of food safety, make Irish meat sought after worldwide.

We provide a wide selection of chilled and frozen cuts, tailored to meet our customers’ specific preferences throughout the year. Our meticulous selection process guarantees the delivery of a premium-quality product suitable for its intended use, consistently upholding our esteemed reputation for excellent customer service.